If you play an instrument and want to put your iPad to some good use, you should check out Anytune Pro+.

The premise is simple:

  • Load in a tune from your iTunes Library
  • Set some markers around a region that you want to practice
  • Slow it down and play along
  • Keep looping until you get it right
  • Enable Step Up training, which gradually increments the playback speed on every iteration of the loop until you get up to full speed

The software has a ton of other features, such as:

  • Pitch correction - useful if you can’t be bothered tuning down to or up from E flat
  • A Graphic Equaliser with a number of presets, including the rather useful “Distortion Guitar Solo”
  • Output audio via AirPlay
  • LiveMix - if you have an iRig or similar, connect up your instrument, stick on your headphones and play along

My task for the month is to learn the solo from Back in Black (I have learned to set myself modest goals to avoid disappointment and frustration). As you can see from the attached screenshot, I have already marked out the region containing the solo as well as adding a number of markers that will allow me to easily jump between the various distinct parts.

All that remains is to plug in a guitar and get practising.

Anytune - Back In Black


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